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Rupees 10,000. Yes, ten thousand Indian Rupees, and just 3 simple steps:

  1. Make sure you watch Just A Minute movie's official teaser on YouTube, and read description also

  2. Complete just 5 questions in this quiz

  3. Share this quiz on Instagram or Facebook, tagging #jamteaserquiz

That's it. We will contact you in the details given below if you win the cash prize.

Win Rs. 10,000. Take the Teaser Quiz.
1. What is Karthik Dharmapuri's role, as per credits given in description
2. What brand t-shirt is hero Abhishek wearing while beating Phani with belt?
3. "Just a minute" is a clean, fun filled comedy film with no nudity or vulgar exposing.
4. A 16 year old boy, Rayan, composed title track. Who composed all other songs and background music for the movie?
5. Phani shouts "pirra ________ korikinattu korukutunnadu ro"

Thank you. Share this quiz on Facebook or Instagram with #jamteaserquiz tag to qualify for the prize. Contest closes at midnight of June 10, 2023 (IST)

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