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MUM (2018)

13 minutes | Akash Mihani | Arshad Tanveer | Jackie Bala

An eight-year-old Mamta is struggling with her homework. She gains the attention of her always strict class teacher as she reads from the unwritten essay on Mother; leaving the class teacher distressed.

Artists :  Gunn Mihani , Nitesh Upadhyay , Inayat Kazi
Directed by and Produced by:  Akash Mihani
Co-Produced by: Arshad Tanveer

Written by : Jackie R. Bala
Director of Photography:  Kiren Jadhav
Edit by:  Akash Mihani
Music Directors:  Bapi Bhattacharya & Tutul Bhattacharya
Colorist:  Kiran Kumar Kota
Sound Design:  Subir Das
Illustrator/Painter: Aaron Blaise

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